DJ Jazzy Jeff says one of the reasons why he settled on his alias was he wanted to keep it short to save money.

Jeff told The Huffington Post: "Back then, everybody's tag had their name in it. My name used to be Mix Master Jeff.

"To promote your name, you'd go to the store to get your name out on your shirt, and it was pretty much 50 cents a letter. Mix Master Jeff is really, really long. I shortened it to Jazzy Jeff because that was a little bit easier on my pocket."

The change took him from 13 letters to nine. While that isn't a huge difference, it saved him $2 a shirt, Jeff said.

DJ Jazzy Jeff, whose given name is Jeffrey Allen Townes, is a hip-hop and R&B disc jockey, record producer, turntablist and actor who is, perhaps, best known for collaborating with Will Smith as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. The Philadelphia native is 50 years old.

Source: The Touch Radio

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