Listen, don't get me started about this debate. If you think a place like, Taylor is Detroit, we can sit back and have an argument.

Just Because It's Near Detroit - Doesn't Make It Detroit.

This is actually really offensive in my opinion. Just because a city may fall very close to Detroit, doesn't mean it really is.

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Given, if you're from this area, you basically may just find it easier to say you are from Detroit, because let's be honest, if you're not from Michigan, you just don't get it.

This debate also applies to the Lansing and East Lansing debate. Trust me, they are not the same.

These Cities Commonly Get Called Detroit

If they're not from Michigan, it's pretty easy to tell, because they won't know these areas aren't actually Detroit. Even then, some time-tested Michiganders may assume that these areas are Detroit.

Take a look at the cities, below.

15 Michigan Cities That Non-Michiganders Think Are Detroit

I'm sorry, but that's just not right to think these places are Detroit, and I will fight you over this one. It's not Detroit, just because it's close to Detroit. This list isn't arranged in any statistical factor.

You Think That's Bad - Don't Say This

Unless you would like to say goodbye to that Michigander card you're holding onto at this very moment, I wouldn't go around saying these things. It's the number one quickest way to get your Michigan card revoked.

Phrases That Would Get Your "Michigander Card" Revoked

Here are 8 phrases that, when uttered, are sure to get your proverbial "Michigander card" revoked.

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