ArtPrize Nine opens in Grand Rapids on September 20. This year you'll find 176 venues and 1,354 entries so it helps to get a head start on where to go and what to see.

Here are 15 Featured Public Projects and Pitch Night winners coming to ArtPrize this fall.

ArtPrize continues to grow in the ways it supports incoming artists, that includes Pitch Night competitions in six cities. Pitch Night winners earn $5,000 to support their work and they get a prime location at ArtPrize. ArtPrize also supports artists through Featured Public Projects which awarded $85,000 in grants this year.

These programs go a long way towards ensuring high quality work continues to come to ArtPrize. One hopes this is a trend that ArtPrize will be able to continue. There's no doubt that artists appreciate the support and everyone appreciates the creativity and quality of work the programs bring to Grand Rapids.

ArtPrize has released a video which features these entries some of which are sure to draw attention from the public and the jury at ArtPrize Nine.

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