You and your dame could share a cup of java for 25 cents and dine like royalty for just a few dollars more. Peruse this 1900 menu from Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel.

Don't be a wisenheimer, of course we know things cost more today but just ogle the prices on this Michigan menu and see what prices were like in 1900. The Mackinac Bridge Facebook page shared this item from the collection of the New York Public Library.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fried eggs are only 30 cents and you can get an omelette with chicken livers for 40 cents; for a side of dry toast, just drop a dime. Order up potatoes 13 different ways: baked, french fried, au gratin, hashed, comma, browned. At these prices, you could order one of everything on the fruit section of the menu for less than a smoothie today. Also, you don't need a lot of clams to enjoy the clams. frog legs or codfish balls from the seafood section.

Get hep to the 1900 prices on this historic menu- it's a real humdinger!

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