The tragic murder of John and Hannah Peck may be famous around western Michigan, but it's still new to me.

For those who are unfamiliar, these murders date back to 1916 when John and Hannah decided to visit their daughter, Clara, who had married Arthur Warren Waite, a dentist, the previous year. Upon returning home, Hannah Peck mysteriously became ill and did not survive. Just two months later, John Peck also made a visit to his daughter and new husband. He, also, mysteriously became ill and passed away.

Well, lovers of true crime won't be surprised to learn that it was in fact Clara's husband Arthur who was to blame. He apparently used arsenic to poison both Hannah and John. But, when John's illness took too long to claim his life Arthur, instead, smothered him in his sleep. Arthur was eventually found guilty and sentenced to death. My synopsis of the case is very brief. You can find more information on Wikipedia, The Peck Family of Grand Rapids Facebook page, there's even a book titled, "Poisoning the Pecks of Grand Rapids: The Scandalous 1916 Murder Plot". You can find it here.

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And now, the home previously owned by John and Hannah Peck is up for sale.

The home, built in 1887, is more accurately described as a mansion and it's currently listed on Zillow. The price? A mere $699,900 which, honestly, when you look at how huge this place is...that's a pretty good price. Here are some of the features:

  • 10 Bedrooms
  • 7 Full Bathrooms
  • A Full Basement
  • 3 Fireplaces
  • 3 Stories

Now, judging by the pictures on Zillow, the home has previously been used to house multiple families instead of just one. Of course, if you purchase the home, it's your choice. If you're interested contact real estate agent Peter J Bruinsma at Grand River Realty. In the meantime, take a little tour of this historic home!

Inside The Peck Mansion in Grand Rapids

Another infamous piece of real estate is the Lizzie Bordon House, Maplecroft, in Massachusetts. Check that property out:

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