2 more guys had to be rescued from falling through the ice over the weekend.

According to WOOD, Branch County Sheriff's Department received a call that 2 fishermen went through the ice on Silver Lake in Kinderhook Township Sunday.

Snow covered ice can be tricky and hold unsafe ice especially when temperatures hit near 50 degrees. I personally fished on Saturday but had a bad feeling about Sunday so I passed but many other fishermen did not.

When deputies arrived they found William Lewis and Shawn Cronkhite in the water holding on to their ice fishing sled. Fortunately for both men, they were only in five feet of water but they were nearly 200 feet from the shore. The men fell through when they were switching spots.

The Lakeland Fire Department went into to active to get the men to safety by using an ice sled and then with wet suits on, they went into the lake to attach flotation devices around the men so they could be pulled out of the water.

The two fishermen spent nearly 30 minutes in extremely cold water and both were treated for hypothermia when they reached the bank.

If you are ice fishing, be very careful and really know your spot since we have not had the best conditions for good ice this season.

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