Look I'm sure you might not be a huge sports fan, or even a football fan. I'm not a Lions fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I can give you a meaningful and informative preview for the 2014 NFL season even the slightest of fans can enjoy.

The Lions will again NOT win the Super Bowl. They have played 47 Super Bowls and the Lions, along with the Jaguars, Browns and Texans. And the Texans and Jags are expansion teams, and technically the Browns are too, since the original Browns moved to Baltimore and won the Super Bowls a few years back. So for all the teams that have been in the NFL since 1970, the Lions are it.

And that will not change again this year. Sure they have a new coach, but they are the Lions for God's sake.

Now, maybe their fortunes will start to change considering the elder Ford, William Clay (Henry's grandfather) has passed on to the owners' box in the sky. But I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

There are sports teams I'm convinced are cursed. The Vancouver Canucks, Sacramento Kings, Chicago Cubs, and the Lions. None of them have ever won. Well, except the Cubs, who won it all 106 years ago and are not winning it again this year.

My favorite baseball team, however, won the World Series nine years ago. Ha. Go Tigers!

Lions prediction -- take it to Vegas: 7-9. Detroit misses the playoffs again.


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