Truth, Michigan is a pretty special place.  We’ve got tons of natural beauty and wilderness, along with a Great Lake on either side of the state.  We said no thanks to Cleveland and instead, we took over part of Canada. (Good move!)  We’re known for building cars, brewing beers, “pizza, pizza”, and paying ungodly car insurance rates.

We’re, our own state!

I could even see Michigan trying to break off from the U.S. and become its own country; (I can also see Texas and California trying too) BUT this means we do things our own way… things that are “only in Michigan”

Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, here are 22 times Instagram got it right with, #OnlyInMichigan:

1) Shopping can be dangerous

2) Don’t talk to us about “Polar Vortex”

3) We give back to the community… but ONLY ONCE!  haha.

4) When “Taken” by turkeys, we have a special set of skills… staying inside, peeking through the blinds.

5) We LOVE to hunt, but we also care about the environment.

6) We have this….

7) But, we’re not real sure what “spring” actually means.

8) If you’re from Michigan, this makes you smile!

9) Santa MAY be a bit afraid of us...

10) We do what we wanna do...

11) Seriously, WHAT WE WANNA DO!

12) Other states, you just play golf… here, you could also die.

13) We’ve also got the rest of the country covered on our international border.

14) We know the family that cuts down trees together….stays together?

15) Um….#OnlyInMichigan.

16) Completely. Normal.

17) Yeah, we also love those extra brown chips… what’s it to ya?

18) Refer to #7.. so we really never know what we’ll need to grill.

19) Because you never know when the “fishing” bug will bite.  Bait store hours are not a problem here.

20) We’re also very concerned about each other

21) And let’s not forget about our legends...

22) Although some legends are scarier than others...

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