After a very cold winter, Michigan schools are still wondering how many days they’ll have to make up at the end of the school year from the snow days they took off during the Arctic blast.

As WOODTV says a lot of schools ended up taking off double-digit snow days when they are only allowed by the state to take 6 days off during the winter. They can also appeal to the Michigan Department of Education for another three days to be forgiven.  After that, they have to make the rest of the days up in June, adding to the school year. Administrators argue that since the entire state was in a “state of emergency” a few more days should be forgiven.


Well during the Michigan House Ways and Means Committee meeting Wednesday, they proposed three more days being forgiven and letting schools increase the school day in 30-minute increments to make up more of the snow days, according to WOODTV.

The proposed measure will now move to the full House and if it passes there, it will then go to the state Senate for a vote.


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