It's not like the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island wasn't already well known before October 3, 1980, but after would become a whole other type of known. On October 3, 1980, the movie Somewhere in Time debuted instantly making the iconic hotel one of the most romantic places in the world.

The timeless film starred a young handsome Christopher Reeve, the beautiful Jane Seymour, and legendary Christopher Plummer. The bulk of the film was shot on location at the Grand Hotel, as well as the Mission Point Fine Arts building of the former Mackinac College (now Mission Point Resort), both located on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

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Although the film was very well received during its previews, critics put the hammer on the film upon release and underperformed at the box office. It wasn't until years later that it found new life again and had new found life thanks to cable. The film also has a cult following, especially involving the Grand Hotel itself.

Each year true Somewhere in Time lovers enjoy their time travel in an immersive experience at the Grand Hotel when the hotel again offers its Somewhere in Time Weekend, held this year October 7-9. This year the hotel will be celebrating the movie that allowed the hotel to capture the hearts of millions for the 32nd year.

Guests are invited to make an appearance in costume at the cocktail receptions and costume promenade, enjoy a special screening of the beloved movie, and meet "Elise McKenna" herself, Jane Seymour, who will attend the weekend once again along with a lineup of cast and crew from the original film.

The love story between Elise and Richard is timeless and fans just can't seem to be drawn to the place it all happened even 42 years later. To add additional passion to the story that already captivated everyone's heart, this past April Seymour told of the true love that happened between her and Reeves while filming the movie.

"Well, here comes the story that I'm officially telling you now, because Chris and I when we made the film, we literally fell madly in love," Seymour confessed to TCM host Alicia Malone and an audience of several hundred classic movie lovers. "When you see this film, you will see the real thing. But we didn't let anyone know. So a few of the people who worked on the show kind of sussed it out, but we were as subtle as we could be about it."

As if we needed more reasons to hang on every line of the most romantic movie ever made in Michigan. Sigh.

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