When thinking of Grand Rapids you wouldn't necessarily consider it a violent place but it's a vibrant one with lots of people which means personalities can clash.

By no means do we condone violence or telling you to punch anyone, but what we are saying is don't be a d-bag in these Grand Rapids-area places and you can avoid getting a fist to your face.

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    Google Street View

    Intersection of 28th St. & E. Beltline

    Pretty much anything along 28th Street sucks but this specific intersection has to be the worst! It's always busy, there are cars coming from all directions and there are wide left-turns.

    28th & Beltline is usually named as one of the most dangerous intersections not only in West Michigan but the whole state because people get into so many accidents along here. A crappy intersection combined with road rage makes this a likely place to get into an altercation.

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    Founders/Tin Can/The Intersection/Woods cluster

    These bars are all located within the same area on the same street and each bring a different type of crowd.

    Founders: the hipsters
    Tin Can: the bros
    The Intersection: the concert-goers
    Grand Woods Lounge: the dancers

    Someone is bound to get punched in the face when there's such a mix of people, especially who have been drinking.

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    Google Street View

    Ionia Ave.

    Most people are bar hopping along this street and chances are you've seen at least one fight break out while out for the night.

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    Google Street View

    In Line Outside of Georgio's or Yesterdog [After the Bars]

    After the bars close food is the first thing on everyone's mind, and the lines are LONG as people wait for a slice of pizza or hot dog. Again, most people have been drinking so don't cut the line or do anything to mess with a drunk person's food.

  • By:Alex Wong Getty Images News
    By:Alex Wong Getty Images News

    Outside of the Opening of a New Chick-fil-A

    West Michigan loves their Chick-fil-A. Have you seen the crazy lines when a Chick-fil-A first opens? Not just inside but also through the drive-thru. It's saying something when police have to direct traffic. So yes, you may very well get hit in the face over some chicken.

    Try to avoid a fight at the next Chick-fil-A grand opening in Holland which is scheduled to open early next year.

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