Springtime weather can be notoriously fickle and can keep even the most adventurous families inside.

So, in times like this #quarantinelife where it's vital for both physical and emotional health to keep moving, what's a family supposed to do?

Here are 5 easy and effective ways to get your kids moving when you're stuck inside.

1. Power Clean:

This exercise has several purposes. Get everyone moving, get their heart rates up AND get some of the clutter that has accumulated picked up. Blast some music and set a timer for 10 minutes. Assign each person in your home a room or area to clean as quickly as possible. It could be wiping off counters or gathering up toys and legos. When you yell "GO" everyone (yes including adults) screams and yells things like "HURRY" or "AHHH TIME IS ALMOST UP" while completing their tasks as fast as possible. Even if everything isn't done when the timer goes off, you can stop. If someone isn't working feel free to give them an extra 3 minutes of penalty time.

2. YouTube Workout Videos for Kids:

It's amazing how many really great workout videos there are for kids. From toddlers to teens, you can find something that everyone in your family enjoys. GoNoodle is one of our favorite channels and has short videos so you can get moving for just a few minutes (brain break) or do several for a longer workout. Dancing along to KIDZ BOP videos is fun for the whole family, and if you get good enough at one of the dance routines, you can have tech-savvy older kids create a fun family dance video.

3. Gym Teacher For A Day:

What kid doesn't love to be the boss? Set your timer for 15-20 minutes and let one of your kids run "gym class." They can pick the stretches, keep track of how long you need to run in place, correct your form, or assign extra jumping jacks if they don't think you're giving your all. Just make sure they are doing everything right along with you so the "gym teacher" gets a workout too.

4. ABC Yoga:

This book is a family favorite, and any age can follow along from toddlers to teens. ABC Yoga has 26 yoga poses with great illustrations that make it easy (and fun) to follow along. A good deep stretch and some slow movements are perfect for kids that have been sitting for hours hunched over a device during homeschool, and exactly what those of us that have been binge-watching Tiger King on Netflix need too.

5. Pick Your Pain: 

Okay this title might be a bit aggressive, but if you caught the Live Facebook we did of this activity (I put it below in case you missed it), you know it's kind of accurate. Have each of your children write down several movement ideas on slips of paper. Put the activities into a bag and then pull out 5 -10 to do. Some examples are 25 crunches, 10 burpees, crab walk down and back across the room, plank for one minute, 30 jumping jacks...etc. This is a super fun way to get that cardio in, and the chance aspect of it makes it exciting for everyone.

How are you keeping your family moving on days when you are stuck inside?

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