How is it possible? In this day and age of technology and the Internet, it boggles my mind how a simple film fail in a huge big budget motion picture can even happen.

And for a big segment of the population, it's an obvious glare.

That is particularly true for the audience interested in "Fifty Shades of Grey," primarily young women.

It all has to do something with Anastasia Steele's cell phone, Business Insider reports.

According to Business Insider:

There's a scene when Steele is in Georgia visiting her mom and step dad. One night, she begins texting Grey from her flip phone. It appears that Grey is texting Steele from an iPhone 5S. The scene shows Grey's texts to Steele in a blue bubble. But this is so wrong.

"The texts should appear in a green bubble because Steele is a non-iPhone user. The texts would only appear in a blue bubble if they were both using iMessage, which is not the case since Steele has a cheap flip phone.

"Also, the fact that Steele uses a flip phone is just ridiculous. In the movie, Grey bought her a brand new car to replace her old school Volkswagen Beetle. He also gave her a MacBook to do "research" on BDS&M. You would think that he would also update her phone situation."

Oh, big film company. How could you? I really wonder if the three-film deal was such a good idea.

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