If you have been to a Whitecaps game, or even if you haven't, most everyone in town has heard of a 5th 3rd burger. From it's national TV coverage on the Travel Channel, Food Network and others, to numerous web articles, the burger almost has a life of its own. Almost 5 pounds of hamburger, cheese, chili, toppings and bun served in a pizza box. Ordered by many, finished by few, the burger really stands for everything that is American. Big, bold and tough! BUT, far from the biggest hamburger ever made.

That title goes to a casino in Minnesota. The Black Bear Casino created the New Worlds' Largest Hamburger and it weighs just over one ton. That's 2,000 pounds of meat and bread and burger stuff. 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce and onions and 40 pounds of pickles and cheese. It had to be flipped using a crane. The previous record-holding cheeseburger weighed 881 pounds. 2,000 pounds of meat. I think that equates to 6 or 7 cows worth of beef. Wow. I know what I'm NOT having for lunch.

Although I do loves me some Choo-Choo grill burgers. On Plainfield. Yum.


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