After a two-year break because of Covid-19, one of the greatest days of the year is happening this Saturday, August 27th.

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It's the return of 7-Eleven's "Bring Your Own Cup Day"

What Is "Bring Your Own Cup Day"?

7-Eleven offers 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards loyalty members a Slurpee in any cup of their choice for $1.99. There are a few rules though.

7-Eleven's "Bring Your Own Cup Day" Rules

  • Cup must fit upright in a 10-inch hole. There will be a cutout in-store for you to test your cup
  • Cup must be clean and food-safe
  • Cup must be watertight
  • 1 cup per person

Dennis Phelps, 7-Eleven’s proprietary beverages senior product director, said in a statement.

"We want customers to build the Slurpee drink of their dreams while having fun with their vessel of choice – and we can't wait to see some of the creative cups they come up with."


Where Can You Get A Slurpee In Michigan?

You can get a Slurpee for "Bring Your Own Cup Day" at participating 7-Eleven.
West Michigan only has one 7-Eleven location in Zeeland.

But don't worry, if you don't live near Zeeland you have plenty of other options to get one at participating Speedway locations.

What Are Popular Slurpee Flavors?

Credit: Slurpee via Facebook
Credit: Slurpee via Facebook

Classic Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Coca Cola are my personal top three.
Another flavor I would recommend if you can find it is the Vernors flavor, It's so good!

You can check out all the Slurpee Flavors here.

Check Out Some Of The Items People Used For "Bring Your Own Cup Day"

The Classic 2 Liter Centipede

The Slurpee Bong

The Office Water Jug

The Kiddie Pool

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