After a long day of shopping at Walmart, a 76-year-old woman finally decided it was time she got home, probably to watch Matlock, and wanted to get home as quickly as possible. How could she get home the fastest? Why I-75, of course!

It didn't matter that her transportation was her Amigo mobility scooter.

When State Trooper Jeff Devine came across the woman, she was bookin' it at about a hefty 5MPH. She was totally hogging the right shoulder, too, on her Amigo scooter.

Being a nice guy. Trooper Devine stopped her, loaded her scooter into his patrol car, and left her on the side of the road. No, wait, he gave her a ride home. That's the one.

He probably lectured her on the minimum speed limit for I-75 the whole way, though. Which is 45MPH, just in case you're that guy who cut me off recently, and proceeded to drive 30 on the interstate. 45, toolbag, 45! Seriously!

Hopefully she hadn't bought ice cream before leaving for would have just been ice cream soup by the time she was home for Murder, She Wrote!

Amigo Scooter
Amigo TravelMate Scooter (Amigo via Amazon)

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