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Did you ever wonder which songs from the 1980s were on the charts the longest in that decade?

8th most weeks on the chart: Patti Austin & James Ingram with "Baby, Come to Me" would go 32 weeks and reach #1 in 1983.

#8 tied most weeks of the 80's is: Rick Springfield - "Jessie's Girl". This Aussie singer would also go on to have a #1 in 1981 after 32 weeks as well. But to this day he's never revealed who's Jessie's Girl is, because he never learned her name. The guy whose girl he wanted was actually named Gary...but's Gary's Girl doesn't have quite the same ring.

#6 most weeks on the 80's chart: Laura Branigan - "Gloria" for 36 weeks in 1982, but would only reach #2. Sadly Laura passed away at the age of 52 due to a brain aneurysm back in August of 2004.

#5 most chart weeks in 1989: Young MC - "Bust A Move" would go 39 weeks and reach #7. Young MC real name is Marvin Young and he was born in South Wimbledon, London and later in Queens, NY. Bust A Move won the singer a Grammy for Best Rap Performance.

#4 most weeks on the 80's charts: Pointer Sisters - "I'm So Excited". And they should be 40 weeks on the chart - 16 of which were in 1982 and the other 24 in 1983, but the song would only reach #9.

#3 most chart weeks of the 80's is: UB40 - "Red Red Wine" which is a cover from Neil Diamond and reached #1 after 40 weeks in 1988. UB40 would do other cover reggae versions too including "Can't Help Falling In Love" that Elvis did. And in the UK - the form UB40 is what you fill out when claiming unemployment benefits.

#2 charting the most weeks: Moving Pictures - "What About Me". This song had two lives originally charting 12 weeks in 1983 and a group of radio programmers including yours truly brought the song back in 1989 and it would chart another 17 weeks. What About Me after that many weeks on the chart would still only reach #29.

#1 most charted weeks of the 80's over any other song is: Soft Cell - "Tainted Love" this song believe it or not is a remake of the song recorded by Gloria Jones on Champion Records in 1965 listen below. The original sounds a lot like Soft Cell's version and surprised me too. The new version sounded very cutting edge almost 20 years later in 1982. Today most radio stations play the and remix Tainted Love/Where Did I Love Go which was played in a lot of clubs like the Alibi on Alpine.

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