I am never excited when I read stories about Michigan getting beat, does not necessarily cheer me up, but in this case it does. 

A 12-year-old boy who happens to be an Ohio State fan was cursed with so much more roughly 14 months ago when he was diagnosed with Cancer.

Grant Reed was not going on without a fight, so he wanted to name it something he wanted to beat... he chose to name his disease "Michigan."

He was determined to beat it -- and thankfully he has. Michigan goes down! Michigan goes down! Grant  was released from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus this past week after getting a final chemotherapy session.

In early 2012, Grant had to undergo a procedure that took 16 1/2-hours to remove a brain tumor, even after the surgery was successful, he woke up without being able to move his left side or speak and had a serious vision problem.

Grant had to spend nearly 10 weeks at the hospital to recuperate following the medical procedure, but all things are good now. I am certain any Michigan fan will agree with me this is the first last and only time we are glad to see Michigan go down!

Keep getting better Grant, but you should still become a Michigan fan. You are victorious over cancer, so "I will leave you with this...

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