I'd be shocked if someone went home empty-handed from this nearly 700-mile garage sale!

The 127 Yard Sale kicks off its 32nd year this Thursday and will start in Addison, MI, and end in Gadsen, Alabama. Spanning 690 miles and six states (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama), it's considered the world's longest yard sale. It got its name from Highway 127 which is where most of the event takes place.

This year the sale will be from Thursday, August 1 - Sunday, August 4. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected, including vendors to shop at. Here's a list of the participating vendors in Michigan here. You can buy things such as barn equipment, clothing, toys, antiques, furniture, and the list goes on and on just like this event.

Addison is about 25 minutes south of Jackson and a 2-hour drive from Grand Rapids. If you're feeling adventurous, it could be worth getting in the car and driving the route which promises lots of scenic views through your journey. Check out the route map.

According to the website, the best plan to cover most ground is to know what your goals out of the trip are -- what you want to accomplish, see, spend more time at, etc. plus your travel time.

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