Michigan State Police pulled a driver over going 102 mph early Friday morning, and that was just one thing he was doing wrong.

#1 Don't Fly By A State Police Cruiser If You're Driving 102 MPH

The 35 year old man made his first mistake by going 32 miles an hour over the posted speed limit of 70 on westbound I-696, early Friday morning, flying directly in front of a State Police cruiser without slowing down.

While I'm sure the trooper was impressed by the ability of the vehicle to travel that fast, it is against the law, so off they went on a little chase.

#2 Don't Be Over The Legal Limit For Alcohol

After finally being pulled over following that short chase, the trooper was greeted with the overwhelming smell of 'intoxicants' when the driver lowered his window, prompting a sobriety test which the driver failed easily.

At that point, out hero was officially under arrest, but his troubles were just beginning.

#3 Don't Carry A Loaded AK-47 Hand Gun

Upon approaching the vehicle, the State Police trooper noticed him lean over and put something under the back seat, which prompted a search of the vehicle following the drunk driving arrest.

There they discovered a fully loaded AK-47 automatic pistol with a clip in and a bullet in the chamber.

I would say the chances that the gun is registered as a legal firearm is probably low at this point, but I won't draw any conclusions, other than to say it isn't a great idea to exceed the speed limit by 32 mph if you're toting that kind of heat.

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Gallery Credit: Big Joe Pesh


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