The City of Holland shared a video of Prospect Park in all of it's fall glory.

The colors at Prospect Park are beautiful. Get out and enjoy them and the nice weather while it lasts!

City of Holland via YouTube

I'm sad to say the only fall color viewing I've done is the trees in my neighborhood.

As a guy from the south, I've never had to deal with the amount of leaves that fall here. Then I guess I do have like 6 trees in my yard. It's nuts. In my backyard I have 2 huge maples that were beautiful to look at when they were doing their color change thing. But my Lord. I spent almost 4 hours doing leaves this past weekend. I gave up bagging them and started mulching them 2 hours in.

Then once again. I've lived my past 10 years in various apartments both here in Kentwood and in my home state. So, I haven't really worried much about leaves since I was a kid. And even then we only had 2 trees to really worry about and one was a pine tree. (Those pine needles are the worst).

Anyway, maybe next year the wife and I will load up and drive around the state looking at the fall foliage. In the mean time I'll just look at videos.

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