If you think trucks get bad gas mileage, you might want to think again, there is a new truck coming out in 2022 that gets 42 mpg in the city.

I am a truck guy. With my outdoor lifestyle, being a musician needing to haul my gear, not to mention all that goes into maintaining an old farm, I need a truck.

Right now I have a truck and a car. The truck to do the big stuff and a car to get me to work more affordably than driving my truck.

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I am looking to slim down to one single vehicle but that will have to be a truck, but I'm finding it hard to find a large vehicle that gets decent gas mileage.

I currently have my eye on a truck but then I stumbled across a new truck Ford is releasing for 2022 and it's called the Maverick.

Ford claims the 2022 Maverick Hybrid will get an estimated 42 mpg in the city. That is insane and has better gas mileage than my car currently gets and most of my drive is freeway so that 42 mpg could easily become 45 to 47 mpg for me. I am definitely going to have to take a closer look at this truck before I make any purchase.

The automaker estimates that the 2.5-liter hybrid could get over 500 miles per tank of gas. Now that is huge when you have a 47-mile drive one way like mine to and from work.

What is even crazier, these new hybrids from Ford start at $20,000. That is less than half the price of the truck I have been looking at.

I may be late to the party on getting one of these trucks because I found out there is such a high demand for these Ford Maverick Hybrid's that you have to have yours ordered by early November or you won't be able to order one until the summer of 2022.

According to FOX 17, Maverick's chief engineer said, "our team set out to redefine what a truck could be with Maverick, and we've done that with an EPA-estimated 42 mpg city that beats the 2022 Honda Civic 1.5 liter 4-cylinder automatic gasoline engine. At the same time, Maverick offers room for five and plenty of towing and hauling for weekend trips or do-it-yourself projects."

Looks like I need to get to a dealership quick and see one of these in person before I pull the trigger on the other truck I had my sights set on. Below is a video where we both can take a look.

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