Tori Petry, a female reporter on was challenged to the run the 40 yard dash while covering the NFL Combine. So she did. And ran it under 6 seconds, while wearing heels. Beat that.

The 40 yard dash ins the gold standard for measuring speed in football, so every athlete participating in the NFL Combine has to run it.

And it's not uncommon for reporters covering the event to run it themselves as part of a feature. But I don't believe anyone has run it in high heels until Tori did Sunday.

So now that the standard has been set for running the forty in heels, I would like to see other oddball 40 yard dash standards set. Like, for instance, the 40 yard dash wearing penny loafers, or flip flops, or scuba fins or maybe even formal wear.

Here's Tori blazing the 40 in her heels, with some sort of call out/challenge thrown to the NFL Networks Rich Eisen.

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