That’s not the type of news someone would want to wake up to, but unfortunately that was the case for people living in Ishpeming.

According to TV6, police were called to a home on Friday morning, after a homeowner discovered that his monocled cobra snake had escaped its cage. The man told police that he had been searching for the snake since the night before. says that the monocled cobra “is a highly venomous snake species.” Even though the man is said to have his exotic pet license the keyword here is: VENOMOUS!

The snake was believed to still be in the home but police wanted the public to be aware and on the lookout. Nope. I would never leave my home.

As of Sunday evening, there haven’t been any updates on the snake’s whereabouts. Let’s hope it was found before he somehow found his way down the bridge and slithered his way into West Michigan LOL! Okay, maybe not but you never know considering there was a bear lounging on a tree in Grand Rapids the other day.

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