A wild coyote is roaming the grounds of a zoo and the best part is, it seems to be taunting zoo officials who can't seem to catch him (or her). If only they had a roadrunner.

The Detroit Zoo had to close briefly on Monday after a coyote was seen prowling around. It’s since reopened and the coyote has reappeared.

Zoo spokeswoman Patricia Janeway told UPI the wild animal was not a threat to the public and mainly put smaller animals in the zoo at risk.

"Every now and then, these things happen," she said. "We will shelter animals that might be at risk."

Janeway told WWJ News that the coyote was hanging out in a vacant part of the zoo, where officials can keep an eye on it, but so far the wiley coyote has eluded capture.

I'm sure if they just set up an account for the coyote with the Acme Company, he'll eventually blow himself up.

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