While watching the news (which I should really stop doing, because it's not helping with my anxiety) I noticed what was either a geographical error or a shift in the earth's axis. 

Have they fired all the text and geography editors in the world? I notice mistakes like this all the time now.

A quick aside -- is there such a thing as a 'geography editor' because I would like to do that job.

While discussing which states have seen rises in CoVid-19 cases, Dr. Ashish Jha noted that cases in Missouri were on the rise, which was pointed out on the map to be in the place Michigan used to be.

Does this mean I can join up with Ruthie to defeat Marty Byrde? (That's an 'Ozark' joke, son.)

Jojo Screen Grab/CNN
Jojo Screen Grab/CNN

This isn't anything particularly new. It seems that Michigan is a hard state for people to get right. Even text books have gotten things wrong when it comes to the geography of the Mitten State. And, let's not forget that major companies like Busch beer and Poo-Pourri tend to forget about the U.P. entirely, OR think it's a part of Wisconsin.

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