A couple of things before we find out...

1. I didn't even think this show was still on the air, and

2. I believe the host of this show is on the record for hating his own show...

I'm usually very proud to be from Michigan, but this left me speechless.

According to an article in GQ magazine which promised to 'annoy and infuriate' me with the information (which it did), Michigan's favorite talk show is Jerry Springer.

Yup, Jerry Springer. Home of men in love with their horse, adult babies, people who live in a box, and the Kung Fu Hillbilly.

And the love of his show is something we share with Ohio (I just threw up a little in my mouth), West Virginia (okay, now I'm just all out barfing), Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri and Arkansas.

If it seems like I've just listed every state that Jerry's guests come from, it's because I did. It's the same list.

GQ says the info comes from reviews.org, which compiled the list using Google trends data from the last five years.

It's one of the few talk shows, if not the only one, where the host of the show admits it's destroying Western civilization. 

In case you were wondering, we also prefer Jimmy Fallon over Steven Colbert, and Ellen over Oprah.

Jerry Springer airs locally on WXSP, Channel 15, but you knew that.

I'm just sad there was no love for Maranda.

Enjoy this clip. You deserve it, Michigan.


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