Meet Mila, a two year old girl, who didn't enjoy being subjected to a security search on her way from Phoenix to Michigan. 

Mila's parents apparently enjoy having her go off on various subjects. In this latest rant, Mila complains about the security check on a flight to Michigan.

'Luckily, I'm still in diapers', Mila says after observing the long line at TSA. 'This could've been bad.'

'Then he put me on a spaceship,' she later says. 'What?! I thought I was going to go to Michigan!'

'It's mortifying,' the adorable girl concludes, 'I'm not cut out for this!'

It's not clear who her parents are, or their connection with Michigan.

Another video shows that Mila was not too enamored by who she had to sit next to on a flight.


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