With 15:42 left in the showdown between NCAA powers Michigan and Michigan State, Michigan's Iggy Brazdeikis slammed home a baseline dunk to lift the Wolverines to a six point lead. But the bad news was, it also fired up the Spartans.

Tom Izzo claims nothing was said of Iggy's dunk in the State huddle during the media timeout immediately after. Nothing needed to be said. At that point you either suck up your pride and leave or you say it will never happen again. It didn't.

Much has been said about how Michigan went dark offensively from that point on, but little has been said about how State's defense made them go dark.

I think to anyone who watched the final 15 minutes of that game, either on TV or in the stands, Michigan State came out of that huddle much better defensively. Whether that was clearly stated as Izzo denies or whether it was just the will of the Spartans, it doesn't matter.

They were pissed. And determined not to let it happen again.

From that point forward, Michigan made just 3 of 18 shots in the next 14 minutes, and was 0 for 10 from the three point line. A six point deficit became a seven point win for Sparty, 77-70.

Michigan was out of sorts and unable to do anything they wanted. The Spartans left Ann Arbor with the 'W' and the Wolverines went home licking their wounds, hoping to dust off before a tough schedule kicks in next week, including a trip to East Lansing to seek revenge.

At any rate, it's good to see both programs at the top of their games this late in the season.

As usual, the Spartans seem to be peaking at the right time, while the Wolverines may need to catch a second wind before the post season tournaments.

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