Last month we told you that Alpine Avenue's Green Ridge Square shopping center was being sold for $23.3 million - we just didn't know the buyer. Well, now we do.

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The deal was finalized Monday. Lasing-based Boji Group and Farmington Hills-based Bacall Companies partnered to purchase Green Ridge Square in Walker from Retail Value Inc.

According to Wood TV 8,

The new owners did not disclose their plans for the 214,400-square-foot mall, but Boji said they are 'ready to help Walker and the Alpine Ave. corridor continue to expand and thrive in coming years.'

Currently, Green Ridge Square is home to retailers like Target, Best Buy, Five Below, Michaels, and Panera Bread.

In a post to Facebook, Boji Group says this is likely the first of many ventures with Bacall Companies. The new owners are already getting suggestions on new stores and restaurants and other changes people would like to see,

We could really use a sporting goods store on the North end of Grand Rapids, that caters to sportspeople with hunting, shooting and fishing gear.


Whitecastle, please!

And from Wood TV 8's Facebook post on the matter,

Costco and Trader Joe’s!!

Hopefully they fix some of the intersections and roads in there

Would love to see a book store come back to this side of town.

IKEA store would be nice

What changes would you like to see come to Green Ridge Square?

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