If you've got some unique stuff that's been collecting dust now is your chance to make money and be on TV!

The documentary series, American Pickers, is coming to Michigan this September and they are looking for collections to go through. The show has been following hosts [Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz] since 2010 as they search for some of the most valuable antiques and treasures around the country.

According to Detroit Metro Times, the guys are looking for

...interesting characters with interesting items and lots of them!"

This means anything you have in your garage, a storage unit, attic, etc.; anything that would be considered a "private collection" that the guys can spend time sorting through. If that's you or someone you know, send all of your information & a description (with photos) of what you have by:

Anything that is open to the public (i.e. museum, store, flea market) will not be looked at.

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