A rat was caught on video running down Ionia Street in downtown Grand Rapids this week. We know it's not easy being a rat, so here's to you!

As someone who often was referred to as a 'street rat' in his youth, I get you, little rodent.

You just wanted some crack, uh, er 'cosmic' fries from the Hop Cat dumpster, when suddenly you were caught on camera, running for your life.

Sure, the munchies you got after accidentally ingesting an edible that someone dropped were hard to control, but what right do any of us have of denying you the pleasure of those perfectly seasoned morsels?

Come back, you little fool, and I shall buy you a full order, and then I hope you get snagged in a trap, because you're a filthy rodent and I don't want to get a disease.

Bad video quality but an absolutely massive rat walking down Ionia ave nw tonight, probably a foot and a half long tail to nose. from r/grandrapids

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