Angelina Jolie is considering making the move to politics in the future.

The actress and longtime activist recently sat down with the BBC'Today Program to discuss the possibility. Jolie, 43, admitted that 20 years ago she never would have given the idea a second thought, but now she may be ready.

"If you asked me 20 years ago, I would've laughed...I always say I'll go where I'm needed, I don't know if I'm fit for politics...but then I've also joked that I don't know if I have a skeleton left in my closet," she said.

Jolie added, "I'm also able to work with governments and I'm also able to work with militaries, and so I sit in a very interesting place of being able to get a lot done."

She's not rushing into anything, however. The Unbroken star said that "for now" she plans to just stay quiet. When interviewer Justin Webb suggested Jolie could be one of the 30 to 40 Democrats running for the presidential nomination ahead of the 2020 election she replied, "thank you."

Fans will just have to wait and see whether her name winds up on a ballot.

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