WZZM reports that around 80 cats and large breed dogs were saved from Florida and relocated to Michigan ahead of Hurricane Dorian making possible landfall in the next few days.  The rescue operation was coordinated by the Humane Society of America.

The reason the animals were brought to Michigan is so there will be room for other animals that are often left behind when their families evacuate for safety; which I've never understood, because a lot of those same people will ask for a day off work if their pet dies naturally, but in a storm, they just leave their furry family members. It's very sad.

The Humane Society of Michigan told WZZM that after a week of decompression, the animals will receive medical check ups before they are passed along to partner shelters across the mitten state, ready for adoption.

You can keep up with the rescued animals through the Michigan Humane Society's website HERE.

More about Hurricane Dorian, thanks to WZZM,

Dorian has maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. It made landfall on the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas Sunday. The storm is expected to take one more significant turn, to the north, as it approaches Florida.

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