Move over, J. Law! Anna Kendrick is our new girl crush, thanks to her adorable, "real girl" neuroses. After admitting that she fangirled over Beyonce upon meeting her at the Grammys, the actress now stars in a non-Super Bowl Super Bowl commercial for Newcastle Beer that is, well, super hilarious.

The spot plays out like behind-the-scenes footage from a commercial that never was for a variety of reasons. As Kendrick gets her hair did, she reveals that Newcastle hired her for their Super Bowl ad but that it didn't have the money or permission to do so. And she's pissed, in addition to being bleeped out because you can't say "Super Bowl" or "big game."

"I don't think of myself as beer commercial babe hot," she says, musing over her own hotness. "I mean I am hot, but approachable hot."

She was looking forward to the paycheck, even though she has done blockbusters and indie cred films in her career. She says she is now back to doing indie cred movies, even though she can't stuff indie cred paychecks down a male stripper's g-string.

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