"Magic Mushrooms" or Psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelic plants and fungi were decriminalized in Hazel Park on Tuesday.

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What are "Magic Mushrooms"

Psilocybin mushrooms are commonly known as magic mushrooms, mushrooms or shrooms. They are a polyphyletic informal group of fungi that contain psilocybin which takes effect upon ingestion.

They are classified as Entheogenic plants, which are naturally occurring psychedelics.

The funky fungi has a naturally-occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound that recently has been used in clinical studies throughout the country.

According to the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, the molecular structure of psilocybin allows it to penetrate the central nervous system and scientific and medical experts are just beginning to understand its effects on the brain and mind and its potential as therapeutics for mental illnesses.

"Magic Mushrooms" Decriminalized in Michigan

The Hazel Park city council passed a resolution on Tuesday that decriminalizes Entheogenic plants, including "Magic Mushrooms".

Hazel Park, MI - Google Maps
Hazel Park, MI - Google Maps

This makes them the third city in Michigan to decriminalize entheogenic plants behind Ann Arbor and Detroit.

According to Local Detroit News, the councilmember who introduced this resolution, Luke Londo, wants to help normalize these natural treatments and fight against stigma.

“We need to eliminate the stigma around entheogenic plants and acknowledge them for what they are – legitimate medicinal and therapeutic substances that have improved countless lives... As a proponent and occasional consumer, it’s critical that we normalize these natural treatments that allow people to overcome addiction, improve their mental health and embrace their religion and spirituality.”

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