We are still unclear when most Michiganders will be vaccinated but it is clear that one Michigan community is not taking any chances for a 4th of July celebration.

Restaurants and bars have been getting regular customers back, concerts and a variety of events have been popping up on calendars that are scheduled to happen this year but at the same time, some communities are walking away from having a fireworks celebration this year.

According to WOOD, the most recent community to cancel fireworks is Schoolcraft, Michigan. Their village council has announced the cancellation of their 4th of July parade and fireworks display over concerns of not being able to keep their community safe from the spread of the coronavirus.

Much like last year, a lot of people may be buying their own fireworks for more home displays and smaller gatherings until we can acquire herd immunity from vaccinations across the state of Michigan.

It is sad to see these events that families look forward to get canceled for a second year in a row but at the same time it is for public safety so kudos for communities with the courage to try and protect their people.

South Haven, Michigan, has already canceled their fireworks for the 2021 year. They typically have a massive event with tens of thousands in attendance for one of the states best celebrations. It is just so difficult and near impossible to spread 10,000 people out to take the chance. The good side of these cancelations over the past two years is, 2022 fireworks displays will be off the hook when we get to have them again.

There are a lot of controversy about the canceling of these type of events and some think people should have waited longer before making the decision but since it takes so long to put massive events like these together, most agree, it is just better to plan for next year.

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