Out in Lake Michigan's Little Bay de Noc, off the coast of Escanaba sits your next home!

Okay, you don't have to live there (it would be tough), but you can own it if you have a little over 15k you're willing to part with.

Another Michigan lighthouse is up for grabs, this one is off the Michigan shoreline near Escanaba off Peninsula Point. It's called the Minneapolis Shoal Light (why there's a Minneapolis Shoal nowhere near Minneapolis is part of the mysterious appeal of it) and you can bit on it now at the GSA Auction site. (Current high bid: $15,000).

Some things you may want to consider before you smack down your hard earned cash.

1. Judging from the photos provided by GSA, it's kind of in a bit of disrepair, but nothing a little elbow grease can't cure.

2. There's no utilities out there, so bring your generator and plenty of gas!

3. Some of the lighthouse will remain property of the US Government. Apparently there are some working navigational aids still on the lighthouse property and the Feds get to keep those. (How they function without electricity is something you may want to ask.)

4. One of the photos looks like the basement from 'The Blair Witch Project', so I'm pretty sure it's haunted. But that could be a bonus come Halloween time, as you could make it a haunted Maritime attraction. (Is there such a thing? Hell, there is now!)

5. The place does have an interesting history. According to lighthousefriends.com, high ice in 1948 piled up 45 feet, and high winds pummeled the lighthouse regularly, but clearly never took it down.

6. It has its own Wikipedia page.

7. It's way in the hell out there, so you better have a damn good boat.

GSA Auctions
GSA Auctions





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