Zach Sweers became popular a few years ago on YouTube for his 'Anxiety Wars' videos in which he outed local child predators. He's back exposing another perv.

Zach Sweers' investigative work as 'Anxiety Wars', led to several arrests of guys soliciting underage girls for sex online. But the police told him to stop for his own safety and after he was sued by one of his marks, he disappeared for awhile.

But last week, he popped back up online nailing some guy who talked sexy to a girl he thought was 13 years old.

I still have mixed feelings about this guy. Sure, he is willing to devote a lot of his free time catching predators online, but like the police, I fear for him, because he is treading into territory that may be dangerous.

A case in point is his latest video, in which the guy he's been luring online gets a little violent.

CAUTION: The language on this video gets very sexual.


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