The DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids has become one of the largest COVID-19 vaccine clinics in the state, vaccinating over 10,000 people a day for the last several weeks. And as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the state, DeVos Place is ramping up to vaccinate even more people each day.

The increase in vaccination rate means that there are even more appointments available through  Same day and next day appointments are available right now.  And according to an article by Wood TV 8, there will be an increase in total appointments starting next week.

The DeVos Place Vaccine Clinic is being operated by Spectrum Health and they are using the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.  Spectrum Health has put a pause on administering Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines while the FDA and CDC investigate a rare blood clotting complication that was found in 6 women.

The total appointment time can range from about 20 minutes to about an hour depending on how busy the facility is.  If you schedule your appointment in the morning or early afternoon, it will be faster than if you schedule a late afternoon or evening appointment.

When you arrive at DeVos Place, you are able to park in several different locations for free.  After parking, you are provided with a phone number to text and once they are ready for you, you will notified.  Once inside of DeVos Place, you will be health screened, then put into a queue to fill out paperwork and register for the shot.

After waiting in line and finishing your registration, you will receive your shot and then you are asked to wait 15 minutes before leaving.  On your way out you can validate your parking.

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