Let's be honest. How much if a "good boy" is your dog, really?

Well, here in the Mitten State, bad dogs apparently out number good ones quite significantly.

The web site OneVet has determined which states have the most and least obedient dogs, and here in Michigan, we fall close to the latter than the former.

How did they decimate such critical information? Like this...

...we surveyed more than 3,100 dog parents with at least 50 in each state. Respondents rated their dog’s obedience level on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being not obedient at all and 5 being the most obedient. We also asked a series of supplemental questions centered around teaching obedience in both new puppies and fully-grown canines.

In other words -- you've known for a awhile your dog is not very good at obeying you. You just finally admitted it.

But that's okay, because that little guy or girl (or big guy or girl) loves you unconditionally, no matter how much he/she pees all over your Christmas tree.

By the way, Florida, Utah, and Arizona are the states with the most obedient dogs . . . while Washington, Michigan, and Illinois have the LEAST obedient pups.

Courtesy OneVet
Courtesy OneVet

I don't know, maybe you could get that creepy Dog Whisperer guy to come over and turn things around for your pup.

Or just do what I did when I had a rambunctious Wheaten Terrier named ELMO, and just deal with it. For the amount of joy he gave me, it was worth putting up with him eating the neighbor's high fashion shoes that you have to pay $400 for (true story).


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