With some schools opening in Southern states, with kids and teachers already in quarantine, are we kidding ourselves about in person learning and sports during a pandemic?

I'm a parent who was really hoping over the summer months that scientists and doctors would be able to get a handle on the coronavirus and have something in place before school started.

We still don't have a vaccine or a treatment that will stop the spread of the virus. Yes we have masks, hand washing often, social distancing and in some cases goggles to protect one another but no real way to guarantee safety for kids or athletes.

There's already nearly 1,000 students and teachers in one district who have already been quarantined in Georgia within the first week of class. Now I get every school district's amount of COVID-19 cases varies all across Michigan and the United States, which makes some schools safer than others to open. I'm just not sure why we are rushing into this, you know, why make kids and athletes guinea pigs?

I'm also surprised the when schools shut down in the spring that immediate plans were being made to put virtual learning in place statewide and nationwide. It seems everyone is scrambling all at once to do something and its already not working.

According to FOX 17, in Cedar Springs, Mich., the Red Hawks football coach, Gus Kapolka, had to be quarantined because a family member had tested positive for COVID-19. Good news on Kapolka is he tested negative and will be returning to coach his team.

Some college divisions like the Mid American Conference have canceled their fall sports. The University of Michigan and Michigan State University football programs won't be playing in the fall, either.

Look at professional baseball. The Detroit Tigers have had to cancel two series against the St. Louis Cardinals due to players and staff from the Cardinals testing positive for COVID-19. The Florida Marlins have had most of their season spent in quarantine.

Professional football players have been testing positive while other players have opted out of the season for safety reasons.

Pro basketball and hockey so far have been having the best success since they have all their players living in a bubble but I don't see this happening for college sports let alone local school sports programs.

Folks, I really think we all need to be a bit more patient when moving forward rather than risks students, teachers and athletes in these lab experiments that seem to be more about organizations making money rather than the safety of human lives.

I love sports just like the next person and I don't want to see kids or college students miss out on any opportunities, but I sure would prefer more money be directed at getting all students in virtual learning situations. Internet hubs in rural locations. Computers for those who can't afford them for learning.

COVID-19 doesn't care about who you are, how much money you may lose and if you live or die. Someone else has to care about that, and that person is all of us.

I know it's not easy but lets slow down and do the right things moving forward to protect people and make sure our students and athletes can move forward safely. Even if we have to pause on some things for a while. Sometimes we all have to sacrifice for the greater good.

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