Yesterday at the Detroit Tigers game in Comerica Park, a moment of silence was held for the 'Queen Of Soul' before the game. Just as the moment of silence began, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky stretching the span of the outfield. The spirit of Aretha Franklin was sure in the atmosphere, and as the Tiger's Facebook post put it so well into words:

Sometimes you just know there is a certain reason for somethings when they happen. Aretha's music touched so many people's lives that even in death, her spirit had to shine one more time. The impact she made on the Detroit community, her fan, and music will never be forgotton and may never be matched.

Aretha Franklin passed away at the age of 76 last Thursday in a hospital in Detroit after entering earlier in the week, gravely ill. Her passing was felt nationwide after the world lost one of its greatest female vocalists of all time.



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