UPDATE: The Lowell Police Department has since removed the Facebook post about the "four open carry 2nd amendment citizens".  But, we did get a chance to get a screen grab from the original post (without the comments section, though)


Yesterday, in what turned out to be a very controversial post on Facebook, the Lowell Police Department alerted residents that "four open carry 2nd amendment citizens" would be walking Main Street.

The post was met with people praising the private citizens as well as people discouraging the act of open carrying in the current political climate.  The main reason the Lowell Police Department (LPD) posted the announcement to inform people so the police department isn't inundated with calls, but they also spent time answering questions and responding to citizen's concerns.

The Lowell Police Department did a great job in alerting its residents to the fact that these men would be patrolling Main Street, as well as addressing some of the residents' concerns.

There is currently no information available to whether or not the "open carry 2nd amendment citizens" would be returning this evening, but if they do it will be likely that they will contact LPD and they may put out another notice on their Facebook page.

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