We have been very fortunate early on for this year's ArtPrize. Sunny and mid 70s? Yes please!

That's all coming to a crashing halt!

So here's a couple of plans to make ArtPrize still fun even if the weather isn't cooperating:

  1. Bring an umbrella. Duh! I know it seems simple, but if it's not a monsoon, you can wonder around if everyone has an umbrella. Some venues have an "umbrella exchange" where you can borrow an umbrella and then bring it back for others to use. Can't count on this option, really it's only for emergencies. So plan ahead. Also remember most installations are waterproof, but not all.
  2. Choose the indoor venues. There's plenty of them. The GRAM, UICA and many others. Check the ArtPrize website for the indoor venues.
  3. Keep an eye on the sky. And your smart phone. Everyone has a go to weather app for just such an occasion. Use it, and stay dry.

With a little planning, even some rain and wind can keep your ArtPrize fun alive!

Alexey Klementiev/ThinkStock
Alexey Klementiev/ThinkStock

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