The past year as not been kind to them, so be kind in return.

Restaurants will reopen today, and after months of being away, I'm kind of looking forward to be able to eat out, social distancing rules or not.

But it hasn't been an easy year for the folks who will wait on you, they have been off work, back on work, and then off again, not knowing when or if they would be called back.

Many have left the dining industry, leaving some restaurants short staffed for the reopening. And then there's the fear that people aren't ready to come back in big numbers again, leaving the potential of some nights having very little in tips to count on.

So be kind to your wait staff. Give them some slack and understand what they've been through. There are a ton of people who work in food service who thoroughly enjoy what they do, they love their jobs, and they love talking to you, and making you feel special.

Tip those people well who do a good job. And tip people who are a little off as well. They're rusty and they need time to get back into the swing.

Enjoy being able to dine out again, be safe, keep the mask on when it's necessary, and let's keep dining safe.

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