Let's start off with - you're not supposed to fly under the Mackinac Bridge, ever... unless you have special permission - which I'm guessing is rarely granted.

I say the first part because, back on June 28th, someone in what looks to be a Cessna airplane, flew directly under the bridge while it was full of cars during the start of the busy Fourth of July weekend, Michigan State Police told WNEM.

United States Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer John Masson with the U.S. Coast Guard captured video, around 2:50 pm on June 28, 2020, of the plane flying alongside the bridge before turning and going under it.  Both Coast Guard and MSP officials told MLive that there were hundreds of cars on the bridge, many of them heading north for the long weekend when the pilot did his daring and unauthorized stunt.

Right now both the Michigan State Police and the Coast Guard are hoping someone who was on or near the bridge was able to capture clearer pictures or video of the plane so they can identify it and help authorities locate and talk with the pilot.

If you're wondering why both the MSP and Coast Guard are investigating, it's because like every good action movie, both organizations are calling jurisdiction; which rightfully they both have, as MSP patrols the highway on the bridge and the Coast Guard has authority, as well, over bridges that cross navigable waterways, as MLive reports.

if you have any information or pictures/video to share, you can send it to the MSP online or call them at 906-643-7582 or do it anonymously through the Coast Guard's Investigative Service's tip app.. (that sounds like Gibbs is about to show up with the NCIS team.) The app for submitting to the Coast Guard is called CGIS TIPS and it's free in your app store. (Just like our station app!)

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