A young girl fell off a pier in Holland Wednesday and authorities are still searching Lake Michigan.

According to WOOD, 16-year-old Eliza Trainer from the Flint area fell from a pier into Lake Michigan just before midnight Wednesday January 1. Due to dangerous lake conditions a rescue team was unable to get a boat or divers into the lake to begin a search.

Trainer and an 18-year-old man fell off the pier at Holland State Park. The man managed to get out of the water but Trainer was no where to be found. Apparently a large wave hit the pier knocking them both into the water.

Sgt. Jay Douglas of the Ottawa County Sheriffs department said, "Lake Michigan isn't a joke, it's dangerous. These conditions are not conductive to being out on the pier. As you can see, the waves are breaking over the pier. Add that to being out there at night, it's a very dangerous situation."

The Coast Guard did manage to get in by boat a search with thermal imagining and night vision but due to severe lake conditions no divers were able to get in the water.

The man was taken to the hospital and was released Thursday morning.

Crews continue to search with drones until water conditions are safe to enter for divers.

This was the first time the two friends saw Lake Michigan.

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