This has been one of the surprises of Spring, the lack of Baby Formula. We've seen store shelves empty of toilet paper, paper towels, some food items, even meat do to the pandemic and supply chain issues in the past two years, but baby formula? It's been a real thing.


Illinois Drugmaker Under Investigation By State Attorney General
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But there is a real hopeful feeling now as the Abbott plant in Sturgis was able to resume production over the weekend after a four month closure because of contamination concerns. Abbott was a major player in the manufacture of baby formula, but was shut down due to the Food and Drug Administration inspection of the plant and their finding of a number of issues that needed to be addressed before manufacturing could resume.

Now, all of that has been addressed and production resumed, however, it will take about eight weeks to start shipping baby formula to stores.


First Shipment Of "Operation Fly Formula" Arrives In U.S. To Help Ease Baby Formula Shortage
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In the meantime, according to the website The Week, the government jumped in with President Biden invoking the Defense Production Act to help ramp up domestic manufacturing and prioritize the delivery of key ingredients to formula producers, while simultaneously launching an operation to fly formula in from overseas.


Baby Formula Is Latest Product To Suffer Shortages Due Pandemic Induced Supply Chain Issues
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Likewise, Reckitt Benckiser, owner of the company behind formula brand Enfamil, has said its factories are churning out product seven days a week in hopes of filling empty shelves.


Families With Special Needs Babies Who Require Formula Struggle During Shortage Crisis
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That's still little comfort to parents desperately trying to find the right kind of formula for their babies, especially special needs children.

But finally, we are seeing the sun come out on this huge issue. An FDA Commissioner said we are just weeks away from "normal!"

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