I was looking through a food industry website last night, and saw an ad for a "Bagger Dave's" coming to Grand Rapids in the old Big Boy on 28th Street by 96 and Meijer. Yay! If you don't know, Bagger Dave's is what is called a "better hamburger" place. It's a sit down, "serving beer and apps fun place to meet after work and have a beverage" joint. AND they have awesome hambugers!

I'm a big burger kinda guy...actually I'm a big guy who likes burgers! Next to pizza, hamburgers are a passion for me. Bagger Dave's coming to town is really good news!


On top of that, I also read in the Press this morning that smashburger is also making it's way to GR as well! Yes! Another in the "better hamburger" strain, smashbuger makes fresh burgers and fries, kind of like a "Five Guys" place. (another better burger place we need here in town) Kalamazoo has had a smashburger for a year or so and they get rave reviews.


Grand Rapids' smashburgers' are going to be in the Medical Mile food court on Michigan, and also in the old Blockbuster on the Beltline by Krispy Kreme. I'm all for local places and the such, but getting Bagger Dave's and smashburger here in town, I'm pumped! Go Meat!

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